Avoid Making These 6 Mistakes Around the Narcissist

Narcissists are constantly lying, so it should be easy to catch them in a lie or two. But you should challenge them. Never stand by quietly or even support what they say. If you ever have doubts about a past event, don’t just agree with the narcissist that it happened as they say. Let it be known that you either do not remember, or if you are sure of what happened, don’t be afraid to disagree with what they are saying. Narcissists hate opposition of any kind, but it’s best to speak up or challenge them in what they say, no matter how much they try to downplay their lies, act like it’s all a big joke, or nudge you to play along. Otherwise, their lies will get bigger, and you will be viewed as an accomplice.

The third thing you should not do is make excuses for their bad behavior.

Narcissists already do not take accountability for their actions, so one of the worst things you can do is start making excuses for them as well. Let them own up and deal with the consequences. Narcissists are very strategic with everything they do and say. If you are making excuses, you are in denial of how manipulative and abusive the narcissist really is. I know there is the issue of cognitive dissonance, but it is important to not deny that you are being abused. So, don’t accept the narcissist’s lame excuses for their actions, and do not get into the habit of making excuses for them either. This will only make the narcissist more hardened and brazen in their wickedness.

The fourth thing you should not do is try to change a narcissist.

Why do Narcissists stay loyal to these people

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