90% of Empaths Get Played by Narcissists Because of This!

To an empath, the most dangerous kind of person to whom they can give their time and energy is a narcissist. It’s pretty easy to see why since narcissists stand at the exact opposite end in terms of their outlook on life and what they want to achieve. When you see an empath and a narcissist together, it usually plays out like a game of cat and mouse, with the narcissist trying to pin down the empath while the empath tries their best not to get sucked in. As an empath, a narcissist can definitely be a dangerous individual to your happiness and overall mental health, but there are some things you can do to keep yourself protected. So stick around for the whole article, and by the end of it, you’ll be able to avoid the traps narcissists leave for you and turn the tables on them!

Number 9: Your pity will be the end of you.

Empaths are not known to look down on others, but perhaps the narcissist is the rare exception. While many people may see these types of people as walking red flags or too much trouble to mess with, the empath may have a slightly different reaction, instead deciding to try to empathize with the narcissist. You see, narcissists do a good job of pretending that they care, that they want to change, or that they are actually, deep down, good people. In reality, a narcissist may not feel these things at all, but it’s bait that most empaths will usually bite. If you are an empath and are worried about being played by a narcissist, reining in your need to help others or to relate to them is a good skill to work on, and it should help you avoid falling into a trap. Empaths are generally some of the best when it comes to truly understanding others and what they may be feeling, but learning when and where to use that ability can save you a lot of pain down the line when dealing with self-centered people.

Number 8: Don’t feel like you are letting them down.

Empaths understand how hard it can be to not feel like you’re being listened to, which is why they usually make such good friends. An empath feels things so deeply that they can sometimes struggle to describe their emotions to a non-empath, so they can understand where a narcissist may be coming from when they say they feel lonely. This, however, is not a good idea, as the narcissist may be using the empath’s kindness against them in order to manipulate them. Empaths shouldn’t feel like they are letting the narcissist down by not opening up to them, as it usually just leads to them getting hurt down the line. As good of a trait as it is to care about others, empaths must understand that trusting everyone that displays a bit of vulnerability can lead to a lot of suffering and should be reserved for the people who have earned it.

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