9 Demeaning Things Narcissists Say

3. “What else do you want from me?”

Translation: I am doing nothing for you, not even the basic things that I, as a partner or a parent, am expected to do. I want you to do everything—earn, cook, clean, and coordinate—but I need to take credit for it. After all, my presence in your life has made you so efficient. What were you doing without me? Instead of asking me to do more or to put in more effort, you should submit to me and never complain.

4. “There are people dying to have me in their lives.” Don’t think you’re any special.”

Translation: There are other people that I have manipulated into believing that I am very sweet, charming, kind, caring, and compassionate. I am triangulating you very covertly so that you try to give more. I am threatening you to make you feel insecure and think I’m in demand when, in reality, I am the loneliest person you will ever find. Nobody is dying to be with me; they just like the mask of niceness I wear in front of them. If they were to see my real side, they would run for the hills.

5. “Stop acting like a victim. Start having authority.”

Translation: In each and every experience that I have had with you, I see myself as a victim. Why? Because you don’t comply and obey enough, you don’t let me have control the way I want to, and that makes me hate you. How dare you call yourself the victim? It is me, clearly. You’re making it hard for me to play with you like a toy and to treat you however I want to. Stop that drama already.

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