8 Things The Narcissist Worries About Every Day

I will be addressing some of the things Narcissists worry about quite often and why. What we need to remember is that Narcissists are driven by fear. As a result, they are prone to be paranoid and anxious. And there are things that the Narcissist worries about on a daily basis that keeps them on edge and super defensive. And in many instances, their cause of worry is not justified but because of their paranoia, they are convinced that these concerns they have are real.

So, today I have 8 things that the Covert Narcissist in particular worries about quite often and in some cases, you will be able to see how these worries affect the way they operate or behave with the people around them. Worrying is a natural part of life. Everyone worries from time to time. But with Narcissists, as I said before, the things they worry about is due to their paranoia which is motivated by their need to protect their fragile ego. And although my focus is the Covert Narcissist some of things will be applicable to all Narcissists.

 So, one of the first things the Covert Narcissist worries about is being Abandoned. Narcissists have a fear of abandonment. They do feel that with many people it is only a matter of time before they may want to leave. This is why gaining control of someone mentally and emotionally is so important to them. Or getting someone to be financially dependent on them. Because the Narcissist is all about keeping people trapped and having them do what they want them to do. That is the only way they can have some sort of guarantee that this person will not leave them. And the power to discard will be the Narcissist’s choice alone, which is how they prefer it.

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