7 Types of People a Narcissist Deeply Hates

Narcissists hate people in general. Why? Because they hate themselves, and they project this hatred onto others. The Collector but there are certain types of people they hate the most, like they can’t stand their presence at all, they are repelled by them, like the same poles of a magnet repel each other. But who are these people and why this strong hatred towards them?

  1. They hate authentic people.

Narcissists hate authentic people because authentic people can read and see through their facade and fakeness. Authentic people do not fall for their crap like love bombing; it’s nauseating and disgusting to them since they can feel the fakeness of it. They know this aura is nothing but toxic; that fakeness, niceness, and charm of a narcissist don’t appeal to them. For they have worked a lot on their traumas, and they know there are no cracks for the narcissist’s processes to seep through. They are who they want to be; their inner matches with their outer. They have integrity; they’re honest, and they are not afraid of expressing their opinions regardless of whether the narcissist likes them or not. A narcissist’s life is nothing but a big lie; they live in an illusion which is reinforced through their delusions. But when they come across an authentic person who shows them a mirror, the bubble bursts, and that shatters the castle they had built in thin air, which you and I both know a narcissist does not like. So they do not like your authenticity. Another reason is their inside has to match their outside; if everything within is a lie, everything without has to be a lie as well. You have to just play along; you have to become a part of their fantasy, making it a shared fantasy. The moment you say no, that’s not what I want, that’s not who I am, and that’s not what I like is the moment you deceive them.

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