7 Tests A Narcissist Conducts to Assess Your Suitability

When it comes to romantic relationships, narcissists exhibit distinct traits that can profoundly impact the dynamics of the relationship. They tend to display behaviors such as envy, entitlement, a constant need for praise, attention, admiration, and a significant desire for control. These characteristics often manifest in manipulative tactics and mind games aimed at controlling the narrative, shifting blame, and evading responsibility for their actions.

As a therapist, author, and life coach, I’m deeply invested in helping individuals navigate these complex dynamics. Today, I’ll delve into seven ways narcissists assess and test potential romantic partners before committing to a relationship. Additionally, I’ll share a simple tip to empower you to identify and address narcissistic behaviors early on.

Firstly, let’s explore the concept of ‘buy-in.’ Narcissists often present an idealized, exaggerated version of themselves to prospective partners. They seek to gauge whether you’ll readily accept and admire them without questioning the authenticity of their claims. Whether overtly or covertly, narcissists aim to ensure that you’ll blindly follow, support, and supply their needs.

7 Ways Narcissists Manipulate You By Text

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