7 Strategies To BEAT The Narcissist

It’s a fact that we are living in a very narcissistic society, and therefore we must learn to navigate or manage people who are narcissists or who have narcissistic tendencies. We have to learn to protect our sanity and our peace and cling to whatever happiness we can gain in this life with the least drama and toxicity as possible. So, today I have a few things we can all do to have more control and successfully manage any toxic people in our lives. It’s all about taking our power back!

Today I have 7 strategies you can implement in order to help regain control of your life and relationships. These tips can also help to avoid the drama and toxicity that narcissistic individuals like to bring into our lives. And the first one is setting boundaries. Boundaries are so important because you cannot survive with people constantly walking over you or with you doing everyone else’s bidding whenever they want. because narcissists take advantage of people who do not have boundaries. They will milk you for all they can get. So as much as having boundaries can anger a narcissist, it is important that we clearly communicate our expectations to the narcissist and stand firm on them. Narcissists hate it when we have boundaries. They do not want to hear the word “no.” They do not want us to deny them anything. But we are the ones who have to stop and consider our own well-being and not keep giving ourselves and our time to people who do not appreciate us.

The next strategy to help you take your power back is to not engage in arguments with a narcissist. Never argue with a narcissist. Narcissists often enjoy the attention and power they gain from arguing. It’s a feast of negativity that the narcissist relishes. They get to employ their word salads, projection, gaslighting, and just general emotional confusion to overwhelm their victim. So, it’s best to avoid engaging in arguments with them. That can mean physically walking away from them. It can mean “gray-rocking” them by not responding, letting them do all the talking, and then just moving on. But there is no point in going back and forth with a narcissist. Arguments are battles they intend to win. It is not about who is right or wrong. It is all about emotionally draining you and getting you to accept the blame.

Although clinical research has been conducted on narcissism as a disorder, less is known about its effects on victims who are in toxic relationships with partners with Narcissistic
Personality Disorder.

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