7 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Separate from a Narcissist

1. From the outset, we are intertwined.

To entice and ensnare their potential dating partners, narcissists use a technique known as “love bombing.” He or she often discards past partnerships in order to make space on the pedestal for a new one. Though he or she might have mentioned this in all past marriages, the narcissist’s latest victim is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him or her – a “soulmate.”

The partnership is more likely moving too fast for the survivor to notice warning signs or claim limits. And if we do, the narcissist always manipulates to get past any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving what they want.

Furthermore, many narcissists prefer to save their hostages. I’ve seen a narcissist support a single mother he didn’t meet in buying a luxury vehicle she couldn’t manage otherwise. Alternatively, the narcissist may ask you to borrow money in order to establish a financial dependency on you that you may not be able to break free from.

You may feel more relaxed being physically intimate after you’ve been emotionally and/or financially active. You owe him/her or he/she owes you, because you’ve formed a long-term relationship.

2. Our attention was drawn solely to him/her and the friendship.

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