7 Lies A Narcissist Wants You to Believe Are True

Lies A Narcissist Wants You to Believe Are True:

  •  “You will Never Find Someone Else”
  •  “You’re Mentally Unstable”
  • “Everyone Else Agrees with Me on This”
  • “Everybody Wants Me”
  •  “I did this (e.g.) because of that.”
  •  “I’ll change if you just give me another chance.”
  • “You’re overreacting.”

A narcissistic relationship is a web of deceit and manipulation. They will toy with your thoughts and feelings in their quest for superiority and dominance over you. They will constantly feed you lies, and the more you stay in touch with them, the more you’ll start to believe that those lies are facts.

The relationship in itself has left you traumatized, and their lies are just about cementing the damage they’ve already inflicted.

When you start believing those lies, you’ll feel powerless to leave the relationship or to even imagine a life without them. You will want to prove a point to them or try harder and harder to make them say positive things about you. You’ve now attached your worth to what they say about you and this is what keeps you stuck with them.

The moment you exit the relationship, you will find that they have already ingrained those lies in your mind, and you may even believe that “it’s just who you are. All the lies they feed you with have a hidden truth behind them and that’s what we’ll shed some light on in this article. So, what are some of the lies a narcissist will want you to believe?

1. “You will Never Find Someone Else”

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