6 Things That Will Happen When The Narcissist Decides to Teach You A Lesson

Narcissists operate with an attitude of entitlement; they want to take charge and control everything; they must be the authorities. Whenever there are conflicts between you and the narcissist, one of the most common responses of a narcissist is to teach you a lesson. What happens when a narcissist decides to teach you a lesson?

Today you will learn six things that will happen when the narcissist decides to teach you a lesson.

The narcissist gives you the silent treatment.

The “silent treatment” is a popular tool used by narcissists to punish someone who has misbehaved. It is used by narcissists to control interactions and punish their victims. The silent treatment is a powerful tool for creating change. As social beings, we crave attention and approval. On the other hand, the narcissist has no desire to connect with others, simply to meet their wants.

The narcissist’s purpose in the silent treatment is to make you believe you are in the wrong, apologize, and then blame yourself entirely. They have essentially created a situation where you have accepted responsibility. At the same time, they sit back and wait for you to come to them. They can remain under silent treatment for as long as necessary, because the purpose is not to build a connection. The silent treatment can be damaging to relationships for many reasons. One reason is that it disables all communication. When one partner refuses to discuss any issues, things go unresolved. The partner being punished by the silent treatment feels as though their emotions are invalidated. destroying the trust required for a successful relationship.

Narcissists will gaslight you.

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