6 Major Things Narcissists Do When You Go No Contact

 When you’re in a relationship with narcissists, everything’s always about the narcissist. Isn’t it? It’s confusing and exhausting. And when you finally get it together, and you get out of there, or unfortunately they leave you, either way, you start feeling like -Oh! my gosh, I’m finally gonna be able to take the steps I need to really get my life in order and make it what I want to be. Right?

But no – narcissists don’t allow that to happen, not very easily anyway.

It’s extremely difficult to even get to the stage of establishing no contact with the narcissist and even maintaining it. And this is because we all know how highly manipulative narcissists are, and what all sorts of hoovering tactics they are willing to use, just to suck you back into their vicious abusive circle. A narcissist will do anything to get you to break no contact.

 But here’s the good news. If you take the time to understand how all that works, understand the patterns, understand the behaviors, and know what to expect, you might get through it a little easier. That’s exactly what we’re talking about in today’s article. So let’s get started.

1. Launching smear campaigns

 So the very first thing that a narcissist will do when you go no contact is launch smear campaigns. Narcissists hate rejection and cannot deal with rejection of any kind. So by you cutting off their narcissistic supply and going no contact, the narcissist has been rejected, which causes a narcissistic injury. And now, they have to make you pay by smearing you to other people and making you look bad.

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