5 Weird Things Narcissists Actually Believe

Can you guess who the biggest enemy of a narcissist is? It’s not me or you. It’s not anybody else. It is the narcissist. That is the truth. How so? Well, the things they do make them live a very dissatisfied life. For example, they chase relationships and new partners in pursuit of satisfaction but never feel it. Why? Because they believe it’s the other person who is at fault, who is defective when in reality, it’s them. They never look within, which keeps them in a perpetual state of suffering and chasing the high. This is what makes them their biggest enemy. They believe in purely delusional things, and their entire belief system is absurd and weird.

1. They Delusionally Believe They Have the Full Capacity to Love

Narcissists delusionally believe that they have the full capacity to love. When you and I both know, love is a concept they only know to weaponize against you. Love is an emotion they know they can invoke in you and then use it to make you do things you would not do otherwise. Love is something they cannot experience or feel. To them, love is an obsession, a chase to feel a high that can make them feel temporarily alive. They also believe that they can fulfill all the commitments and promises they make. That’s delusional, isn’t it? Because when they future-fake you, they’re not just lying to you. That’s why it feels so real; they think they can make all of that come true quite magically without putting in the work. They also believe that they are the most honest person you will ever meet, that nobody is going to love you like them. They say, “If you want to leave, you can leave, but remember, you’re never going to find anybody like me,” proving that they falsely believe they are great lovers when the truth is the opposite.

2. They Believe They Have Been Mistreated by Every Ex of Theirs

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