5 Weird Eating Habits of a Narcissist

As a kid, I hated eating with my family, especially when my father was around. You may wonder why. Well, he had some weird and toxic eating habits that would make sharing a meal with him a very painful experience. Instead of letting you fill your stomach with food, he would fill it with stress and trauma. I remember always leaving the gathering in a torn-apart state, feeling confused, and just shaming myself for not making an excuse to avoid eating with him. Now that I look back, I can recognize that these toxic habits were extremely abusive and very stressful to deal with.

1. They behave animalistically when eating.

Some narcissists behave animalistically when eating. They make really loud noises, have zero table manners, do not respect other people eating around them, and do not cover their mouths. They make weird sounds, like they just want to feel that bin in there. They don’t care what they’re eating or how much they’re eating; they just want to engulf it all as if they have not seen food for years, and this is the last quantity they will ever get their hands on. Especially with cerebral narcissists who are brain-centered, computer-like in their behavior, and completely dissociated from their body, they do not care about taste, texture, or appearance.

I remember asking my father once how the food tasted, and he took a pause, looked at me while eating, and asked, “What do you mean by ‘what does the food taste like’? What is taste?” He literally said, “If you were to give me cattle feed mixed with some salt, I’d eat it as well. It doesn’t matter; one should have something to eat, and that is enough.” One might think, “Oh, that’s so humble of him.” Of course not! He was disgusted when it came to what he ate and how he prepared it. They start a fight if you make a request to chew quietly. It’s bothering me; can you just keep it quiet a little bit? Can you close your mouth when eating, please? No, they will perceive it as criticism or some form of attack. It’s not like you’re making up the problem or you’re shaming them; clearly, they are not eating like human beings, and you’re eating around them; it’s your right to be at peace to eat calmly, but they are stealing it away, and that is entitlement. It’s not wrong to ask a person to behave normally, but they don’t consider that aspect. It’s all about them and how dare you question their behavior, for it is perfect, and there must be something wrong with your ears. “Go get them checked; you’re hearing a lot nowadays.” That’s what they would say.

2. Some narcissists experience delorgasm when eating.

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