5 Ways A Narcissist Weaponizes Food To Abuse You

Narcissists weaponize everything they possibly can to harm you. One such thing is food. They use food to control your body, induce shame, and bend your will so that you comply and give in to their demands. But how do they do this? Let’s find out in today’s article.

In this article, we will talk about five ways a narcissist controls you through food. Please subscribe if that sounds interesting, and help me spread awareness about narcissistic abuse. Let’s get started.

They disguise control as a concern.

One way a narcissist exerts control is by camouflaging their demands as genuine concern. For example, they may consistently express worry about your health and use this as a way to dictate your diet. They may say things like, “I am only thinking of your health,” while criticizing your choice of meal or your portion size. They dictate what you should eat, when you should eat it, and how much you should consume. My father would remove food from my mother’s and sisters’ plates when they were ready to eat, saying that he wanted them to lose weight. How disrespectful is that? Yet they still blindly enable him. It’s hard to understand, but that is how it is. This manipulation is insidious because it masquerades as care. When repeated over time, it causes you to lose confidence in your ability to make decisions regarding your own eating habits or destroys your relationship with food, which may later show up as an eating disorder. As an adult, you are capable of making your own choices regarding what you eat. If you are going through this currently, please leave if you can, or try to create solid boundaries around it.

They criticize your table manners.

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