5 Questions Narcissists Desperately Avoid

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your relationship with the narcissist in your life? They’re distant, evasive and often controlling — but they never seem to answer the important questions. You know that if only they could be honest with you about how they really feel about you, everything would be easier. Unfortunately, this is an impossible ask of a narcissist. As an expert on narcissistic behavior, these individuals are highly skilled at avoiding accountability and scrutiny — resorting to manipulation or outright lies when questioned about their intentions. Here we’ll look at five common questions that narcissists desperately avoid — giving victims insight into why their partners evade these topics and what it means for them as someone who has been taken advantage of by such behaviors.

Question #1: Can you admit when you’re wrong? Or can you offer a genuine apology?

Narcissists often struggle to answer these questions: It’s difficult for them to acknowledge their mistakes and take responsibility. They may even employ manipulation tactics, using occasional apologies as a means of controlling situations. These manipulated apologies, which I like to call “faux pologies,” further exemplify their deceptive nature.

Question #2: How do you truly feel about yourself?

Narcissists struggle to confront certain questions that challenge their self-image. When asked “How do you truly feel about yourself?” they may respond with confident statements like “I feel great, I am amazing.” However, these claims do not necessarily reflect their true emotional state. Behind their inflated sense of self, narcissists often harbor fragile self-esteem and lack deep introspection regarding their true self-worth. This internal conflict is one of the reasons why they are resistant to therapy.

Question #3: Are you capable of empathy?

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