5 effective ways that make a narcissist panic

Individuals with weaknesses often resort to actions aimed at concealing their vulnerabilities, sometimes going to extreme lengths to prove their strength. Narcissists are no exception to this pattern. They make concerted efforts to project charm, power, and invincibility in order to mask their weaknesses. However, paradoxically, the more afraid narcissists are of appearing weak, the more susceptible they become to experiencing panic.

Let’s explore five triggers that can send a narcissist into a state of panic:

Defeat: Like anyone else, narcissists detest being defeated. Even a minor setback, such as losing an argument, is deemed unacceptable by some narcissists. Engage them in a debate on a subject you are well-versed in, and you will observe their inclination to deflect the discussion when they sense impending defeat.

Criticism: Narcissists firmly believe in their own perfection, so any criticism aimed at them shatters this illusory belief. Not only is criticism intolerable to them, but it can also lead to dire consequences when they attempt to deny it. Criticizing a narcissist in a situation where they are unable to defend themselves can truly terrify them. Criticism hits them hardest when it targets an existing insecurity.

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