3 things the narc does when YOU go NO CONTACT


Do you ever wonder what the narcissus does when you go no contact with them?

I’m going to tell you three things that the narcissist does when you go to no contact with them.

they wait it out

Everything with the narcissist is a game, everything is very calculated it’s well thought out, and it is done with intention on the part of the narcissist. So, if you have established no contact, they’re just going to wait it out, they’re going to wait and see who caves first. There is probably a threshold that has been set in your relationship by silent treatments where you are probably the one that caves first.

The narcissist is notorious for giving silent treatments and it’s a very effective way for them to get what they want, because the victims, they can’t stand it, it’s torturous, it’s painful and we want to end the silent treatment as quickly as possible. And so, once the nurse assistants their heels in and they’ve established that they’re giving us the silent treatment, there’s usually a set amount of time that we will let them go before we reach back out to them just to put an end to it. And they usually welcome us back with open arms, because they’ve got what they wanted. To them, it’s just another silent treatment. There’s a set amount of time, whether it’s a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months.

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