12 signs that you are healing from narcissistic abuse

Here are 12 signs that will tell you that you are healing from narcissistic abuse.

1. You accepted the reality as it is

The first sign of healing is your acceptance that the abuse happened. You are ready to let go of any illusions that you created about the narcissist in your life.

You no longer look for excuses to explain their behaviour. You see the abuse for what it is.

Truth is sometimes painful to look at. In case of abuse, it is extremely painful to be honest with yourself and admit that the person you loved hurt you so much.

When you feel that you fully accepted the situation and took responsibility for your healing, that is a clear sign your healing journey is truly in progress.

2. You allow yourself to grieve

You are no longer attached to the illusions that used to keep you safe. Once you let go of illusions, your grieving process starts.

Allow yourself to go through all the stages of grief. All of them are necessary: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Feel them all. Let the emotions flow. Express them however they need to be expressed. Trapped emotions will leave you in a state of trauma. You don’t’ want that, you want to heal.

Grieve the loss of your illusions. Grieve the loss of that relationship. Even if the relationship was not a good one, it is still a loss. Allow yourself to grieve that a part of you allowed the abuse to happen.

Let yourself go through all the emotions connected to grief as it will bring you one step closer to regaining happiness and peace in your life.

3. You allow yourself to feel your emotions

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