PROOF Narcissists Are NEVER Happy!

I’ve heard so many times how come the narcissist just gets to move on and be happy while I’m back here in the dust. So, let me tell you a bunch of things that prove a narcissist is not happy and it’s pretty much impossible for them to ever be.

1 they’re scared

 Narcissists are afraid of almost everything, intimacy love feeling forgotten thinking that they’re not recognized for all of their greatness, vulnerability, rejection, abandonment and more. All they do is make fear-based decisions to try to make things as easy as possible on themselves. But i gotta tell you it very rarely happens.

2 they are exhausted

A narcissist is always trying to find perfection, the perfect supply, perfect living situation. They want to be viewed as perfect by other people and to live an absolutely perfect little life. Perfection however, doesn’t exist. And so, they’re constantly chasing someone and something usually multiple of both of those and they don’t even exist in the first place. They’re never happy with who they have or where they are. The chase is never going to stop, they are chasing the unobtainable forever over and over and over again.

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