10 Ways You Can Make Narcissists Suffer and Regret Messing With Your Life

Have you ever felt like someone in your life is always manipulating you to get what they want? Perhaps they use guilt, pity, or even flattery to get their way. This behavior is unfortunately a hallmark of narcissists who have an inflated sense of self-importance and seem to be completely self-centered. It can be frustrating and exhausting to deal with someone like this, but don’t worry, here are 10 ways you can turn the tables and make a narcissist in your life suffer.

Number one: simply ignore them.

The simplest yet most effective method to make a narcissist suffer is to ignore them. It can be frustrating to deal with a narcissist because they are often so absorbed with their own sense of self. By employing various techniques like not responding to their messages, the narcissist is subtly dismissed. It’s important to show them that you don’t care about what the narcissist thinks or feels about you. Doing so will lead the narcissist to feel helpless as their world falls apart. Taking away the power from a narcissist can make them feel weak and exposed, and this is why it’s a particularly effective method.

Number two: do not make excuses for being yourself.

When a narcissist does everything in their power to tear down your beliefs and make you feel inadequate or small, it’s easy to get defensive and apologize for who you are. They feel empowered when you do this, and it’s almost as if you were giving them permission to keep doing it. You may have been told that your values and preferences are irrelevant and incorrect and that you should apologize for showing who you are. Nonetheless, don’t apologize for being yourself. Keep standing up for yourself, even if it isn’t always easy to do so. Don’t give them the pleasure of making you feel bad about who you are. You do not need their validation or approval because, like everyone else, you’re deserving of respect, love, and consideration.

10 Ways You Can Make Narcissists Suffer

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