10 Ways Narcissists Use People For S*x

10. Love-Bombing:

Most people desire individuals who possess an endearing and alluring charm. Therefore, narcissists tend to act charming just to receive admiration and be selected by the people around them. They believe they deserve to be admired and desired. At the beginning of a relationship, they will show you how charming they are, spoiling you with love and affection to win you over. They act as if they are the most romantic and caring people you will ever know to seduce you. The pattern is to impress, entrap, and ultimately manipulate. The goal is to make you submit to catering to their S*x.ual needs. They expect S*x in return for the favors and gifts they have previously shown.

9. They Make People Codependent, Then Take Advantage:

It takes two to tango, so it is with S*x. Being recognized and needed by somebody is quite fascinating. It makes a person feel necessary. Hence, narcissists make you feel like you are required. They make you believe that they need you. Narcissists will make you get used to such feelings, ultimately making you codependent, and then they take advantage. Codependents are selfless people, perfect targets for selfish narcissists. Narcissists instill codependency upon people to complement their self-centered nature. While the narcissistic person has found someone who puts their needs first, the codependent person feels crucial for having found somebody to pour their whole body and soul into.

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