10 Types of People All Narcissists Hate to Go With

Narcissists choose the people who should be a part of their lives; they have a list of standards for picking their victims because they want to ensure the success of their victimization process. since they have hidden agendas in their hearts and tend toward others. They avoid being with people who will likely sabotage their evil plans. They are always playing it safe because they do not want their real identities to be compromised and exposed to the public. Protecting their filtered reputation is a narcissist’s top priority. Thus, they will do everything to avoid those who pose a threat to their image. Continue reading to learn about the ten types of people that all narcissists despise.

Narcissists hate to go with highly principled individuals.

Narcissists live according to their rules; they conform to the Hedonism Theory, which means the morality of a proposed course of action should be determined primarily based on pleasure and the absence of pain. Narcissists strive to satisfy their hedonistic needs but avoid the negative consequences of their actions. They will do everything to get what they want, even if it means stepping on other people’s feelings. Thus, narcissists hate to go with highly principled individuals because they do not want to hear their sermons.

Narcissists do not hold any principles or core values as guidelines for their courses of action. They only think about themselves and show little to no concern for their fellow humans. The pursuit of pleasure and happiness is the narcissist’s top priority. With that, narcissists avoid highly principled individuals because they will most likely receive a scolding for their dirty means of achieving their goals in life.

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