10 Toxic Communication Tactics Of A Narcissist

Have you ever wondered why you can never ever win an argument or resolve issues with a narcissist no matter what approach you take?

Number one is they flip things around.

So let’s say you have a valid concern. Instead of addressing your concern directly, a narcissist will turn the tables to make it seem like you are the problem. For example, let’s say your girlfriend is spending a lot of money on shopping for clothes, causing financial strain in the relationship. You express concern about having enough money to pay the bills, and you try to discuss her spending habits and the need for a budget. But she immediately gets defensive and accuses you of trying to control her. She might say something like, ‘You’re always telling me what to do. You’re so uptight and controlling.’ She flips the situation around to make you feel guilty or like the bad guy when you’re simply trying to create more financial stability for both of you.

Number two is bringing up the past or completely different issues.

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