10 Things Narcissists Want To Do To You In The End

Narcissists tend to be selfish self-centered, and controlling. They may come across as charismatic in terming when you first meet them, but this is just a facade they put up to get what they want from you. Narcissists likely have lengthy demands and expectations that they expect you to fulfill. So, what do narcissists want with you in the end?

Narcissists want to destroy you

Narcissists want to hurt you and see you suffering. They want to rip you apart, and they want to enjoy every minute of it. Narcissists use you for their gain then discard you when they’re done. They don’t care about your feelings or needs, they only care about themselves and what they want. Narcissists want to destroy everything that makes you happy, narcissists want to ruin your life, your family and your friends. They want to ruin your reputation, dreams and even your hopes of ever being happy again. If they can’t have it, then no one will.

Narcissists want to make you feel that you are worthless

When it comes to narcissists, the end goal is to make you feel worthless. This can be done by making you think that your opinion doesn’t matter and that you have no value. They want to make you feel like you are never good enough for them and that no one else would ever want you. Narcissists are so insecure and have such low self-esteem. They need to make others feel worse than them to feel better about themselves. They want to be the center of attention even if it means making others miserable. Narcissists wish everyone around them to worship them and tell them how great they are. Even though deep inside, they know they aren’t very good people.

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