10 reasons why narcissists hate kissing

Kissing is a very private act, and while it is frequently only given first-base status in popular culture, it actually merits much more than that toxic judgment. Without a doubt, we’ve all experienced at least one long-lasting kiss that we’ll never forget and that left our senses buzzing and craving more. We’re still thinking back on that memorable kiss since it was honest and meaningful. In essence, it embodied love and romance, two emotions that narcissists are unable to experience.

Here are some reasons why narcissists never truly love kissing.

Simply put, narcissists lack romance.

These people find the concept of romance to be incredibly puzzling, but the sad reality is that they never allow themselves to care about the people, which means they never actually experience these wonderful feelings.

This is a means to an end.

Lips-on-lips activities are often enjoyed by most individuals, but for narcissists, nothing could be further from the truth. These cunning individuals don’t precisely have sexually charged personalities and view intimacy as a means of achieving their goals rather than as a means of enjoying in pleasure with a person they have feelings for.

They believe they are superior to others.

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