You have already DEFEATED the Narcissist

A significant number of survivors, especially empaths, believe that they are nothing before the narcissist, particularly after enduring decades of abuse. They feel resourceless and unable to stand up to the narcissist in any way. In any way, they’re right because the narcissist is ruthless. The narcissist can go on creating conflict and chaos, while an empath seeks peace.

But what if I told you that a narcissist is nothing before you? Not in a narcissistic way. What if I could prove to you that you have the upper hand in the situation? You are here, and they want to believe they are up there, but in reality, they are down there.

Many empathetic survivors of narcissistic abuse often wonder, “I don’t understand why he would do that or why she would say that. I just can’t get it.” Well, here’s the good news: you don’t understand because you’re not like them. Your brain doesn’t operate the way theirs does. You’re not callous or cruel; you don’t walk over other people’s dead bodies to get what you want. You think about others and would never dream of hurting people the way they do.

There is a major difference between what you stand for, who you are, and who they are. They are essentially nobody; they have nobody within. It is difficult for you to understand why they do what they do because you have a working moral system and a living, breathing conscience that they lack.

The first reason why you have the upper hand over a narcissist is your morality, your awareness of what is wrong and right. They have moral ambiguity; they make right wrong and wrong right depending on what they need. Their conscience is dead, leading them down the path of emotional and psychological zombies.

5 Things That Terrify a Narcissist to their Core

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