When Narcissists Won’t Let Go


Hoovering of Narcissists

Game players are narcissists who are inspired by money, and this is yet another power play. Since narcissists’ partnerships are transactional, hoovering is completely predictable. They are devoid of conscience and the capacity to recognize you as a distinct human being. They’re not searching for a relationship for sentimental reasons; instead, they’re looking for resources like sex, wealth, facts, status, or affection. Their motivation is pragmatic, and they are reliant on themselves.

They are in desperate need of their “narcissistic delivery.” To stop experiencing their inner emptiness, their delicate ego requires continual reassurance and affection, just like a vampire that feeds on the blood of its victims. For affirmation and/or sex, male narcissists can flit from one woman to the next.

Furthermore, they cannot bear dismissal if it was not their decision to leave. They find it embarrassing because of their inherent guilt and vulnerability. Instead of acknowledging your “leave,” they go on the defensive and “shoot” you. Similarly, they also spread rumors about your character and push family and friends against you in order to win favor from others.

They will want to reclaim you after they’ve been left, in order to restore their self-esteem and strength. Only that you’re thinking about them or that you’ll speak to them helps to heal their bruised ego. If you return, they’ll put you down or break up with you as soon as they feel safe, reversing the story.

What Do You Do?

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