what happens when you ignore a narcissist?


 Well, “I can fix them and you can” that’s because the narcissist has cried the mossed story. Don’t think that the NARC won’t blast this new love all over social media too because they will. They do this on purpose, don’t think they don’t. This is to get a reaction out of you and try to get you to stop ignoring them and talk to them or to break no contact, don’t fall for that, please.

3 You will be hoovered

You’re going to get hoovered if you’re no contact and you haven’t been hoovered, or if you’re ignoring what have you then you haven’t waited long enough if you haven’t been hoovered yet. My hoover took three months, some can take 20 years and 99% of them come back around at least once to sniff about and see what they can see.

You might get an overabundance of calls, and texts and that is super annoying, that’s why they need to be blocked on all forms of communication even if you’re just giving them a silent treatment. Which I don’t advise, but whatever reason you’re quiet just go ahead and block them.

4 Attack of the flying monkey

A flying monkey is somebody who works on behalf of the narcissist, and this is sometimes done without this person even really knowing what they’re doing. If the new supply reaches out to you, they’re essentially a flying monkey and the narcissist has more than likely told them to do this.

3 things the narc does when YOU go NO CONTACT

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