What are some good examples of “life isn’t fair”?

  • What are some good examples of “life isn’t fair”?
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  • What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?
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  • What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

What are some good examples of “life isn’t fair”?

Life isn’t fair in the sense that everyone has different opportunities and access to resources. No matter where a person is born or what financial circumstances they are faced with, many people start off their lives at a disadvantage. This can manifest itself in so many ways, from unequal access to education and employment opportunities, to systemic racism and sexism that affects the way people move through society.

This saying also implies we don’t always get what we want or deserve – it doesn’t necessarily mean something bad; sometimes it means life’s giving us an unexpected gift or opportunity. But most often when someone says “life isn’t fair,” they usually refer to some form of injustice they have encountered – whether large or small.

Good examples of life not being fair include anything from a poor student facing discrimination while applying for college because they can’t afford the application fee and consequently missing out on an otherwise great opportunity; wealthy individuals getting away with crimes simply because they have money; companies shirking taxes by using offshore accounts to avoid paying full tax rates; professionals facing gender-pay gaps regardless of how much experience and expertise one may possess; low-income communities plagued with police brutality but unable to receive justice due differences in power between social classes – these are all tangible examples of how life isn’t always equitable for everyone involved.

In conclusion, there will never be complete equality everywhere, as some people will inevitably face greater hardships than others throughout life no matter who you are or exactly what “fair” means for your particular situation. Everyone deserves equal rights but unfortunately not everyone gets them — that is why we must continue pushing forward with our ideological efforts towards creating true equity among all members of society despite any odds presented against us.

What did you learn too late in life?

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