13 Clear Traits of a Psychopath (Spot Them)

Psychopaths are some of the most dangerous people in the world, yet they often go unrecognized in society. We might have the stereotypical image of a serial killer or the head of a violent mob when we imagine psychopaths, but they’re often blended in with the rest of us. In fact, they usually use their charm and lies to make themselves appear even more wholesome and pure than their peers. Unfortunately, it’s after they’ve gained our trust that they begin to do the most damage.

If you think someone you know, or maybe even yourself, could be a psychopath, keep watching because we’ve got 13 clear signs of psychopathy coming up. Be sure to stick around until the end; our favorite is number three because it explains a fascinating study on psychopathy that blew our minds. We just had to share it with you. Let’s get started.

Number 13: Disregard for rules, laws, and morals

One of the textbook signs that someone is a psychopath is a lack of regard for laws, rules, and morals. Most people who are not psychopaths respect rules and laws and have a set of morals that they live by, whether consciously or unconsciously. Non-psychopathic individuals typically believe that cheating and stealing are not appropriate ways to get ahead. Being relatively kind to others is their natural behavior, and laws are in place to maintain an orderly society. In contrast, psychopaths often have little or no regard for these basic morals and laws that the rest of the world follows. Psychopaths make up 17% of the prison population in America, meaning 93% of American psychopaths are already in prison. This statistic might give you more insight into psychopaths’ disregard for morals.

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