The Silent Treatment: A Tactic of Abuse and Control

6 ways to fight against the treatment of abuse of silence

The abuse of silent treatment is the key characteristic of a narcissist. I’m not saying that you are with a narcissist, I don’t know you, or the person who does. What I know is that it is a way of making you do what someone wants by depriving you of love and attention, classic signs of narcissism.

They take away something you want, it’s not just communication but information about what you’ve done. This allows you to do what they want. Anything to get the pain of silence lifted.

When you argue with someone, you usually have a cooling-off period. You mutually decide not to mix with each other for a day or two. It’s a time for communication to stop. You allow yourself to heal, and they give each other time. But silent treatment is different.

In cases of silent treatment abuse, one partner keeps touching the other to be ignored and punished. If you are a victim of silent treatment abuse, it doesn’t just ruin your relationship; it destroys days and weeks of your life. To stop the abuse, take control. Try to divert the way they seek it.

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