The Silent Treatment: A Tactic of Abuse and Control

The abuse of silent treatment is abuse like any other abuse in a relationship. It is a way to control and create a reaction that brings out the worst in you.

To be clear, giving someone silent treatment is an abuse of silent treatment. A way of manipulating someone without telling you is a way of controlling you. The silent treatment is when you know that someone is angry with you. But they won’t tell you why. Even worse, they won’t even tell you they are crazy. They just ignore you.

By leaving you in your mind, it literally makes you crazy. Nothing is worse than trying to force something on someone who doesn’t want to give. If your partner doesn’t respond to you, then there’s nothing you can do. It makes you even more miserable.

Why silent treatment is the worst abuse

I don’t know who has the license, but the silent treatment is about the worst form of abuse that we have on you. There is nothing worse than feeling that you have done something wrong, but not being able to get an answer from the person you feel has been harmed.

Whether you receive the answer “nothing” or “fine” followed by days, weeks, or even months of silence, this form of violence controls you and makes you feel within an inch of your life.

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