How The Covert Narcissist Fights Back

The first one is having a negative attitude, specifically at times when you are excited or hopeful about something.

The covert narcissist wants to dampen your mood or kill your joy by not sharing in your enthusiasm or excitement. They would refuse to play along for your happiness’s sake. Instead, they will be the ones to rain on your parade. A narcissist enjoys nothing more than wiping the smile off your face. The second one is deliberately screwing things up. What I’m talking about is when you ask the narcissist to do something, which is usually a reasonable request, but instead of saying no, they do it and mess it up so that you don’t ask them to do it again.

Narcissists hate doing things for other people unless it can benefit them in some way. So, it is in these instances that they will accept your request so as not to seem unreasonable but intentionally screw things up so that you do not ask them again. These are the games narcissists play.

Another passive-aggressive move to get out of doing things for other people is procrastination. They keep pretending to forget or feigning being busy with other stuff and simply not prioritizing what you’ve asked them to do. They would keep making excuses until you forgot it or asked someone else. Covert narcissists use this tactic to frustrate and even punish their victims.

The fourth passive-aggressive behavior is the infamous Silent Treatment.

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