Narcissist Favorite Text Messages

Whatever phase you are in the relationship, there is a long list of red flags that’ll tell you that you’re already in the narcissist’s text game. They go from texting that they miss you to being unresponsive to texting that you’re too clingy, then back to texting that they want you so much. It can drive you crazy! In this article, We will talk about the what, when, and why behind text messages from narcissists.


So, I’m going to kind of go through, kind of love bomb, devalue, and discard, and after the discard, they kind of come back through and sort of hoover you a little bit as well. It kind of starts with love-bombing and kind of ends with discard, but then they’re going to go back and forth between love bombs, devalue them, and then back to love-bombing, devaluing, and discarding. This kind of hoovering is almost really kind of like a love bombing in a way; it’s all like a toxic stew; it’s not linear; they don’t go love, devalue, or discard; they kind of go back and forth between the phases, which is part of what causes the trauma brain and destabilizes you. It’s really, really important to understand that, because that’s why it’s very, very difficult to negotiate with them, a lot of times because your brain is like so scrambled sometimes, so in the beginning, when they’re first starting to want to gain control over you, to want to come on super strong, so they’re just very, very charismatic, and they just flood you all the time. So, you’re going to get these text messages to be like, “You’re beautiful,” “You’re gorgeous,” “You’re amazing,” “You’re so smart,” and it’s not just male to female; it’s female to male as well, “You’re perfect for me.” I mean, I’ve dealt with it in a business situation, so the emails that I would get were “This is the most incredible partnership,” “I can bring you the best clients,” “I know all the right people, and I can make the right introductions.” They flood you from the beginning with all the right things to say. So, you’ll see things like, “I can’t stop thinking about you” or “I miss you already” when they just left, like two minutes ago, flood you, flood you, flood you. You can’t believe this person even existed right there, in your space, all the time. “I can’t live without you.” “You’re my prince charming.” “You’re my princess charming,” and “You’re my soulmate.” “This is the most amazing thing” and “I’ve never met anybody like you before” are the kinds of text messages that you will get during the love-bombing phase, right?

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