How do you know when a narcissist is done with you?


Relationships are important to the narcissist, but they must be on their terms. And they basically want to surround themselves with people they can benefit from and people they can control. And it’s the simple fact that the narcissist only cares about what they want and who can give it to them. So, when a narcissist has depleted a resource or has someone in their circle who they just cannot manipulate or control after a few failed attempts, they will start treating them differently. But this is usually only after they have slandered you sufficiently, to the point where others will actually be in agreement with their treatment of you.

The smear campaign will be in full swing to add even more pressure to what the narcissist will be doing to you directly. And the following things I am going to go through are in no specific order but are all likely to happen when a narcissist is finished with you. And the end goal of their actions is to discard you or get you to discard them.

First on the list is that they will ignore you, disappear occasionally, or ghost you. When a narcissist no longer finds someone useful, they will go quiet. Or if they find someone who is too difficult and has too many boundaries or they are not able to manipulate them, they shut down around them or start avoiding them. The narcissist sees no benefit in communicating or even engaging in small talk. So, they will prefer to give you the silent treatment. They will ignore your messages or take a very long time to respond. They will block you, ghost you, and just disconnect from you as much as possible. Therefore, even if you share the same house, they will not say or do more than what is required. Because when a narcissist no longer has use for someone, it is hard for them to even pretend to be interested anymore.

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