6 Rumours Narcissists Like To Spread About You.

Rumors that narcissists spread about you can be incredibly damaging and manipulative. Narcissistic individuals are skilled at using gossip and deceit to undermine your reputation, control the narrative, and exert power over others. These rumors are often cunningly crafted and designed to tarnish your character, create doubt and uncertainty among those around you, and ultimately isolate you from sources of support.

The rumors can range from false accusations about your personal life and behavior to exaggerated claims about your flaws and shortcomings. Dealing with these rumors requires understanding the tactics employed by narcissists and developing strategies to protect yourself and maintain your integrity in the face of their manipulations.

There are many reasons why a narcissist uses rumours, and they often vary depending on the nature of the relationship with the victim. Usually, they revolve around a need for revenge, a goal to discredit the target, and the narcissist’s own lack of compassion and empathy.

So in today’s topic, we will share with you 6 rumours narcissists like to spread about you. Let’s get started.

1. You’re an addict.

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