5 Crazy Reasons Why Narcissists HATE Cuddling

You may assume narcissists like cuddling because they are extremely flirtatious, conceited, and infatuated with themselves. But if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that narcissists do not like physical touch, especially cuddling, for the same reasons that you might find cuddling a nuisance. For them, cuddling is a nuisance too. When they indulge in this act, it is because of the advantages that cuddling offers them. Let’s understand this in depth in today’s episode. In this episode, you’ll learn about 5 reasons why narcissists don’t like cuddling and how they use it against you.

Intimacy is a form of vulnerability for the narcissist.

Narcissists will go to any length to avoid experiencing any genuine emotion, not because they can’t, but because doing so puts them at risk of feeling vulnerable and exposed. Because of their early experiences, they instinctively learned that feeling any emotions, especially the ones that required openness and expression, was dangerous. So they cut themselves off from their true selves, which truly defines us as humans. Empathy, compassion, and genuine vulnerability are only possible when you are your true self. In the narcissist’s case, being their true self would bring to the surface emotions they wouldn’t know what to do with. So cuddling and being touched only make them feel uncomfortable. They often want to get away or avoid it as quickly as possible. They do so because physical affection triggers feelings of connection, and connection triggers vulnerability, which they hate. It makes them feel the weakness and the rawness they have been running away from for decades. So they remain emotionally distant by being physically distant, and they do not let themselves feel any closeness in any way possible.

They aren’t affectionate, and they don’t care about you.

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