4 Simple Things I Removed from My Life to Become Happier

I was unhappy when I was a kid, hated life and felt things couldn’t improve: I had a traumatic upbringing and other children taught me to be too “angrass.” I realized I didn’t have too much gloomy, tense and discomfort the rest of my days, so I pledged myself to improve. I have been able to reinvent my life more happy than I had been ever, after a decade of reviewing hundreds of books, dividing thousands of pages and trying innumerable tactics.

Yet this is the biggest lesson I have learned during the voyage, after pouring all of that information: Subtraction is nothing than extra happiness.

Certainly it’s easy to think about the changes and substance of other lives, breathing exercises and affirmations. Yet being happy in life is much better because you don’t consciously indulge in unhappiness. So it’s far more productive and realistic to eradicate what hurts our satisfaction first and foremost rather than adding further things to your life.

“Not a rise every day, but a decline every day. Go to the trivial.” Bruce Lee Bruce Lee

While many things will influence your satisfaction, here are the 5 basic things that I have taken away that have the greatest effect:

1. Exclude Negative Info

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