Why Are Single Women Without Children So Happy?

  • According to a study, single women without children are much happier and healthier than men and married women with children.
  • Single women can appreciate the independence that their lifestyle provides.
  • One explanation may be that outside of their intimate relationships, women have greater social networks.

Many of us have encountered the clichés. We begin to raise questions when a woman stays single over a certain age, which has at least become a little older over time. Mr. Right hasn’t been identified yet, have you? So, what exactly are you asking for? Don’t you want to start a family? Related questions are asked of men, but the questions are distinct. Can we actually believe that women can marry by a certain age, or should we simply assume as a culture that there is a “right” age to start a family?

Many women (and men) are clearly happily married. However, according to studies, many women are perfectly glad to really be single.

Women who are single and do not have children are healthy and happy.

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