PROOF Narcissists Are NEVER Happy!


3 they have really shitty reputations

Eventually, everybody knows this person is nothing more than a user and an abuser, even if people are fooled for a long period of time by a narcissist, they just use that person until they’re all dried up and move on so, it doesn’t matter anyway because somebody narcissistic always needs more and more people, this will regardless of who does what, this will start to get around over time, causing them to have that really crappy reputation.

4 they have seriously poor coping skills

Drinking, drugs, sex, jumping into a new relationship, gambling food… the list goes on and on. now, to be super fair, this is true of everybody we all have a vice that we gravitate towards to make us feel better. The difference is, the narcissist has no intention of changing these things or dealing with the true issues underneath for why they do these things. And I believe most of them don’t even truly realize why they do half of the stuff they do and probably more than half.

 5 they are trouble

Most narcissists get caught up in legal trouble and ramifications for thinking they’re above the rules and above the law at work, at school, at home on the road with everything. They do messy divorces, financial trouble, stealing, fighting, custody… they always seem to be in quite a bit of trouble with someone about something.

How Narcissists Test Their Victims! What They’re Looking For & WHY!

 6 they are super lonely

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