The Collapsed Narcissist Is Still Predatorial

Today I want to address how the narcissist’s collapse or downfall can be a trap. The narcissist’s collapse or downfall usually happens when the narcissist has experienced significant failure or loss. Another way to express this is when the narcissist hits rock bottom. And there are a few things that can make a narcissist hit rock bottom. which I covered in this article. And they are things like being exposed, abandoned, and sickness, just some of the major ones. But whatever causes the narcissist to collapse, it puts them in a place of desperation.

Sometimes they go into hiding, run away, or wallow in their addictions. But their aim is to try and escape the shame and pain that they are experiencing. They truly become vulnerable and are usually willing to say and do anything to keep supplies around or even get new sources of supply. Rock bottom is a place that a narcissist needs to remain for a significant amount of time before they admit to themselves that they need to do things differently.

So, helping a narcissist out of a collapse is never a good idea. But their desperate need to get out is usually granted by unsuspecting good Samaritans or other spectators who are deceived into thinking that if the narcissist is helped, they will do better. And a collapsed narcissist is a really pitiful sight, as it is one of the few times they become truly vulnerable. It’s one of the few times their tears come from a truly broken heart, and they truly feel like a victim.

They are victims of their own circumstances, and they are able to really embrace their victimhood. Because the narcissist can only feel empathy for themselves.They can only feel sorry for themselves. So, their tears are only genuine when they are weeping over their own losses. But despite the narcissist’s pain and brokenness during a collapse, they are still on the hunt for a narcissistic supply.

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