Stop Seeking Revenge on Covert Narcissists

What are the things that a covert narcissist feels so painful that they escape and hide from you forever?

What are the top ten qualities that a narcissist despises?

Does the narcissist who harmed you ever get retribution?

To summarize, how do I exact vengeance on a narcissist, especially one who is a covert narcissist?

As a recent survivor of narcissistic violence, I can empathize with the need to avenge oneself. It’s just normal. It’s also implausible. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to defeat a narcissist at their own game by lowering yourself to their stage.

It’s also a total waste of time.

If you know who they are, you’ll remember that the constant harm they do themselves is much more than anything you will possibly do.

Knowing you’re not them is the perfect kind of retaliation.

What is a secret narcissist, and why are they being highlighted in this article?

When we think about narcissists, we mostly think of the blatant variety: people who are always trying to be the center of focus and who do so without fear.

Covert narcissists are less daring. “A individual with covert narcissism can seem reserved, withdrawn, or self-deprecating,” according to Medical News Today. They are frequently wallflowers that blend into the background. Even if they are a member of a group of friends, they are not the center of attention. They can be cute on the outside, but not in a manner that attracts all the spotlight. Female covert narcissists will project a sweet girl-next-door persona.

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