How To Identify a Masterful Gaslighter

Who did not know that the word “gas-lighting” would be used for years and years to come when the British playwright Hamilton written a crime thriller called Gas Light in 1938?

Many of you now recognize the psychological word “gassing.” Gaslighting is a form of mental violence for those who do not. It is a prevalent tactic used by offenders for exploiting and influencing their victims by bringing them into question their sense of truth and their wellbeing.

“Gaslighting is a type of psychological coercion and control that is insidious. Gas lighting victims are knowingly and routinely supplied with misleading evidence that sometimes causes them to doubt themselves about what they believe to be real. You may end up doubting your memory, your vision and even your health.”

It is difficult to classify, since the issue with gas lighting is:

(a) most gas-lighting behavior/phrases are actually structured

b) gas lighting victims sometimes shut their eyes to justify their light bulbs

c) most gas lights are manipulators c)

That is why I choose to compile a list of five signs that will help you recognise and get away from a masterful gas lighting device.

Let’s just get in. Just dive in.

1. The feelings are subtly trivialised

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