How To Get More Done In 3 Hours Than Most Do In A Week

Time management applications, calendars, website blockers, productivity books, and other time management resources are available.

Having an inefficient method more successful, in the other hand, would not result in increased efficiency.

Start by removing items that are slowing you down until you add more.

The daily decrease, not the daily rise, is the problem. Remove what isn’t necessary.

Bruce Lee’s quote

The first rule is that you can never check your inbox or texts first thing in the morning.

Before they even get to work, 55% of Americans search their messages.

The trouble with reacting to emails or tweets so quickly is that it places people in a reactive mode: it fills their heads with jobs, stressors, and mini-fires to put out before they’ve even finished their top goals.

They can’t even do anything about it yet because they see their emails when they get to work! So it goes on in their heads all morning, and they can’t be completely present.

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