7 Things That Will Happen During Narcissistic Rage

2. The narcissist is criticized, no matter how constructive or accurate.

You declare open war on a narcissist when you criticize them. So if you criticize them, they’ll smear you and decide you are an enemy they need to destroy.

3. The narcissist isn’t treated as the center of attention.

A narcissist must be the center of attention at all times. When they aren’t, they usually do something to refocus the attention on them, whether through conflict or charm.

4. The narcissist is caught breaking the rules, violating social norms, or doing something dishonest or mean.

Narcissists frequently break the rules and have poor boundaries. They take pleasure in breaking the rules and social norms. If you point out that a narcissist is lying or cheating, they will respond by making you feel as if you are wrong or mistaken.

5. The narcissist is requested to be accountable for their actions.

Narcissists aren’t accountable for their behavior, and blame-shifting is a common tactic to divert attention away from themselves.

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