7 Spiritual Lessons Learned From 10 Years In Narcissistic Abuse

The third lesson follows on nicely, and it’s to cut off or limit contact with anyone who sides with the narcissist. Any friend of the Narcissist is no friend of mine. The flying monkeys who believe the Narcissist have to be avoided because they will just be feeding information back to the Narcissist and maybe working with the Narcissist against you.

The fourth lesson that narcissists teach is that we must trust our instincts. At some point, we would have had that uneasy feeling that made us question the sincerity of the narcissist, but we pushed those feelings aside and continued anyway. Never doubt your instincts; do not suppress them, but try and tap into what they are trying to tell you, which may mean giving that person a time out, where you step back from the relationship to see how you feel and, even more importantly, to see how they react to it.

The fifth lesson we can learn is to cherish our individuality and that it’s better to let go of other people than lose ourselves trying to keep them around. Individuality is something that narcissists hate because they are so predictable and are basically a rip-off of someone else. They mimic other people’s behaviors because they envy our individuality and want to steal it for themselves. Cherish who you are and guard it.

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