16 uncomfortable feelings that indicate you’re on the right track

Discomfort happens when we find ourselves on the threshold of change. Sadly, often we confuse this with unhappiness, facing it and desperately trying to run away from what is uncomfortable.

But it is necessary for the discomfort to take place, to give way to a new understanding, to let go of limiting beliefs, to motivate us to create real change. Discomfort is a signal, which is often very helpful. Here are some (undesirable) feelings that may indicate that you are on the right track:

1 The feeling of reliving the struggles of your childhood.

You feel you are seeing the issues you faced as a child reappear in your adult life, and while at first glance, this may seem like an issue that does not require more attention than that, however, really become more aware of the ‘why’ of these resentments, so you can change them later.

2 The feeling of being “lost” and helpless.

Feeling lost indicates that you are more present in your life – you live less in narratives and premeditated ideas have less influence on you, and you are more present at the moment. Until you get used to it, you’ll always feel you’re on the wrong track (which you are).

3 Confusion in the “left hemisphere of the brain,”.

As you use the right side of the brain more often (you become more and more intuitive, you process the emotions you create), it can sometimes seem that the functions performed by the “left” hemisphere of the brain make you feel you are blurry. Things like focusing, organizing, remembering the smallest details suddenly become difficult.

4 Random influxes of anger or irrational sadness that escalate until it becomes obvious.

When emotions “arise” it is usually because they want to be recognized; and our job is to learn to stop grappling with them, to stop standing up to them, and just be aware of them. And only then will we be able to control them, and not the other way around.

5 Unpredictable and scattered sleep patterns.

You will need to get a lot more or a lot less sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t help but think of something, you feel high energy or total exhaustion, with little recovery between each sleep cycle.

6 A fundamental lifestyle change is taking place or has only just happened.

You suddenly have to move out, get a divorce, lose a job, have a car breakdown, etc.

7 Have a strong need for solitude.

You are suddenly disenchanted with ​​spending every weekend having social gatherings, and other people’s problems drain you more than they intrigue you. It means that there is a reorientation of the Self.

8 Vivid, intense dreams that you almost always remember.

If dreams are the way your subconscious mind communicates with you (projecting an image of your experience), then your mind is definitely trying to tell you something. You have dreams of such intensity as you have never experienced before.

9 Streamlining your group of friends; feeling more anguish around negative people.

The thing about negative people is that they rarely realize that they are negative, and since you feel uncomfortable saying anything (and are even more uncomfortable keeping it for the sake of it. you), you avoid relationships with old friends.

10 You feel that the dreams you had for your life are falling apart.

What you don’t realize right now is that there is a path that is fully opening up to make room for a better reality than you might have thought, a path that is more aligned with whom you are. are, and not with what you thought you would become.

11 Feeling like your thoughts are your own worst enemy.

You realize that your thoughts create your experience, and often it’s when we are pushed to the end of our mind that we try to regain control of it – and this is where we are. let’s realize that we had control all along.

12 Having doubts about who we really are.

Your past illusions about who you should ’have been dissolving. You are hesitant because of the uncertainty! You are in the process of evolution, and we don’t become uncertain when we change for the worse (we get angry and shutdown).: if it’s uncertainty or insecurity that you feel, it usually means that you will lead a better life.

13 Recognize how far you have yet to go.

When you realize this, it’s because you can also see where you are heading, and that means you finally know where and who you want to be.

14 “Know” things you don’t want to know.

Like how a person really feels, or that a relationship will not last, or that you won’t be at your job for too long. A lot of “irrational” anxiety comes from being able to unconsciously detect something, but not take it seriously, because it is inconsistent information.

15 Have an intense desire to defend their interests.

Getting angry about how many times you’ve let yourself be walked on and let other people’s voices enter your head is a sign that you’re finally ready to stop listening to what isn’t useful to you. More, and love yourself, respect yourself first.

16 Realize that you are the only person responsible for your life, and your happiness.

This kind of emotional empowerment is terrifying because it means that if you mess up, everything will be pointed out to you. Together, knowledge is the only way to be free. It’s worth the risk in this case, that’s for sure.

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