11 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Narcissist


When you meet this type of person, you will soon realize that their eyes are fixated on you. They don’t seem to realize that there are many other people out there that have as much in life as they do.

2. They will often brag about their achievements but only on themselves.

They will downplay the importance of others. This is because they feel they are the most important person here. They will spend almost every waking moment of their lives complaining about how unfair life is to them. Of course, the people around them will notice these things and they will become upset by such behavior.

3. They have problems with rejection.

They cannot handle rejection. If something doesn’t work out between them and a person, they become enraged and upset. If they have an important opportunity, they won’t waste any time in making it happen. They will use all of their resources to make that event a failure.

4. They do not admit obstacles.

They believe that any problem can be solved easily. Their perception of life is that problems can be overlooked. If something looks like a problem that can be easily solved, they will eliminate it from their list of problems and moves on to the next one. The key is not being afraid of obstacles. In fact, many times those obstacles really aren’t problems at all.

5. They lack empathy.

Narcissistic people love to criticize others. They see things as the personification of their own inadequacies. They don’t see the connection between what they think is lacking in their lives and what the people around them actually have to go through.

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