When we hear the word success, most people immediately think of financial wealth, power, or fame. But this creates an incomplete picture, and when asked how they define the term, people who fulfill this simplified definition of success have much more to add to the discussion than just these three areas of life.

Some say we need to consider the aspects of our psychological lives, our well-being and wisdom, our sense of wonder, and generosity. To count as thriving we would need for these factors to be fulfilled in our lives. Others say that the self-satisfaction of knowing for certain that you did your absolute best to achieve all that you’re capable of having that peace of mind is what makes a person successful.

Other takes on it conclude that the ability to say you stuck to your core values is what makes a person successful. Being able to like yourself and what you do at the end of the day is the way to know you’re doing things right. The more engaged you feel with your work can be another aspect of it, and continuing to expand your happiness as you realize more and more of your goals are tied to success.

Every successful person isn’t immune to failure, and many have experienced failures time and time again. The difference that leads to their eventual success is in how they define these experiences, not as a failure, but as lessons. Every time a pursuit crashes and burns, a person with the right mindset for success will find something worthwhile in the experience, something that they can learn from and build off of in their next attempt. One has not failed truly until they stop trying.

Beyond sharing the same perspective on failure, there is another thing that millionaires have in common, and that is the tendency to foster incredible habits, we are often made to think that unusually successful people have to be either unusually talented or supremely lucky to get where they are, but frequently they are just regular people, whose achievements can be possible for anyone willing to take on the singular habits they make use of.

In addition to fostering the necessary habits, so too is it equally important to avoid negative habits that get in one’s way on their path to success. One may be quite skilled in avoiding what they need to do to make a change in their lives, and these habits will have to be worked out in order to make way for positive growth.

In the end, what determines your success is your habits. Therefore, the most important thing you can do in improving your future is to learn how to take control of your habits and how best to build new ones and crush the old ones. You can learn the habits of success but be prepared for hard work because habits are much harder to install and keep up than we typically expect them to be. You are trying to rewire your brain, and your brain is resistant to that, resistant to change for both creating new good habits and ending the old bad habits.

A habit requires very little energy or focus on our parts. We can accomplish these on autopilot and not spend any willpower to complete the task. Therefore, it’s so desirable to reach the habit stage with something you want to do consistently because once you can do the task on autopilot and without spending willpower, you can use that same willpower and mental energy on something else. Reaching the level of habit with something doesn’t just mean doing it on a regular basis, but having it be comfortable and routine.

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