The 7 Principal Emotional Blockages

Emotional blockages are one reason it can be difficult for you to move forward in certain areas of your life.

We all have aspects of our lives where we move effortlessly and other areas that stagnate. Emotional blockages are one reason it can be difficult for you to move forward in certain areas of your life. Emotional blocks can be hard to recognize and even harder to resolve.

However, you can overcome them once you have learned what they are, their symptoms, and techniques to heal them.

“Emotional wounds are painful childhood experiences that shape who we are as adults, who we are and how we cope with life’s adversities”.

How do emotional blockages arise?

“Emotional blockage” is a term commonly used in the space of personal development, but what does it really mean? The term can be defined as repressed or unhealed emotional wounds suffered from past life experiences. Untreated emotions may seem to be nonexistent, but their effects persist, leading to struggles with certain areas of life – such as problems with love or money.

Emotional blockages occur when the residual energy left by the emotional trauma remains submerged, being constantly relived on a subconscious level. When difficult emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, and sadness are repressed and not healed, the side effects affect overall well-being by blocking the flow of positive energy into vital areas of life. Blocked emotions lead to blocked energy.

The 7 main emotional blocks

  1. Abandonment block: Fear of abandonment is a common emotional block. It’s that feeling of feeling alone inside when you’re surrounded by a bunch of people. This implies difficulties in one’s active life. To free oneself from this blockage is to no longer feel this unpleasant feeling of loneliness.
  2. The rejection block: the fear of being rejected by the other person is also very common. This emotional block makes us feel sometimes isolated or apart from the group. This sometimes leads us to put ourselves forward, to take up space when it is not our true nature.
  3. The devaluation block: you don’t know how to say no, you are probably not happy in one area of your life, etc. but you suffer because you unconsciously think you don’t deserve better. “I suck” is a belief. You’re not aware of your own worth: thinking you suck, that you don’t deserve, that you’re not capable, not worthy of the best, that you don’t know, that you’re never enough… All these beliefs make you miss what you really want.
  4. The blockage of injustice: are you someone who is very sensitive to justice? This emotional block leads you to see injustice where there is not necessarily any. You then often go up to the crenellation to do justice and you lose your inner peace. You even multiply conflicts, which are often useless.
  5. Fear of being assaulted: even before birth, if the mother has very strong contractions, the baby may feel this as aggression. And as you grow older, you develop a fear of being assaulted. The person will then adopt a defensive temperament. They will often take things personally. Releasing this memory will help the person feel more confident.
  6. The guilt of existing: guilt to show oneself or concern to be forgotten, to be transparent. You feel illegitimate to be on this earth, to live. The adult then develops the famous “I don’t deserve…”-. This blockage leads to self-sabotage…
  7. The block of non-recognition: it is likely that as a child, you felt that you were not sufficiently taken care of, and this is how you developed this emotional memory of non-recognition. You will therefore unconsciously seek recognition from others, and you will even feel it sometimes or often. Freeing yourself from this blockage is finally acting on your own.

Why do emotional blockages need to be healed?

Emotional blockages can be difficult to recognize because a significant number of emotional blockages result from events that occurred at an age too young to remember and/or from experiences so traumatic that they have been repressed and forgotten. However, because the cause of emotional blockages remains in the background of our consciousness, it sometimes means that their effects persist. Unhealed emotional wounds shape perceptions and behaviors in adulthood.

Emotional blockages are obvious and not so obvious. Knowing the symptoms can help us recognize emotional blocks in our lives. Common symptoms of emotional blockages are unnecessary or negative patterns, feeling stuck in the same place, constant depression, frequent procrastination about the same problem or issue, and increased alcohol and food consumption.

In addition, emotional blockages affect physical well-being and can even lead to serious health problems. You have probably heard that unresolved painful emotions such as grief can affect health; common expressions such as “dying of a broken heart” indicate this. The pain our bodies endure because of emotional blockages is one of the many reasons emotional blockages need to be treated and eliminated immediately. All emotional blockages can be gently released.

Eliminate emotional blockages through energy healing

Our thoughts are energy. Our feelings are energy. Our world is energy. Science even proves that our bodies comprise energy systems.

Our body’s electrical energy is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, the nervous system, and every cell in the human body. Energy currents flow through us, but energy blockages because of unresolved emotions disrupt the flow, leading to unhealthy patterns and disease.

Emotional blockages are energy blocks. And removing emotional blockages requires healing at the root cause – the energy level, in order to release unhealthy connections with past situations. Although there are various modalities for removing emotional blockages, since our bodies are energy systems, working with an energy healer can resolve emotional blockages at the root. A great advantage is that energy healing works with a system that is already the lifeline of our bodies. Energy healers connect to the Divine and infuse positive light and energy into those parts of our energy fields that are deficient.

However, some may find it painful to deal with difficult situations that have caused emotional blockages. When emotional blockages are brought to a person’s attention, some avoid the discomfort rather than heal them.

Releasing emotional blockages is essential for eliminating stagnant energy and living life to its full potential. Without healing, personal and spiritual growth goes no further.  When we heal our emotional energy, we increase our ability to lead a more meaningful life. The result is a deeper connection and more positive relationships with us and others.

Of course, there are other ways to free yourself from your emotional blockages, ask your therapists which techniques would be best for you.

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